Release Rundown :: Week of July 16

  • Sonny Angel Animal Series 4 :: With 12 new animals in the series, you’ll be delighted to add these to your collection, or to start a new one. This series features some out of the ordinary animals, including a goat, a skunk, a baboon and a swan, which brings up memories of Bjork in her swan outfit back in the early 2000’s.
  • Pocket Pork Dumpling Series 1 :: If you missed the release party, don’t worry because we’ve got a fresh stock of these dumplings by Shawnimals x mph x Squibbles Ink. These vinyl figures originate from the handmade plush dumplings based on Shawnimals’ character Wee Sticker. The plush series sold out quickly, but now that this series has been released there are more available, so don’t hesitate to grab one!
  • Bite Sized Ice Scream Man :: From Brutherford Industries, this is a smaller, blind-boxed version of their Ice Scream Man figure. Brutherford impresses us again, hand casting this series which features many flavors including, spiteful Strawberry, Villainous Vanilla, Malevolent Minstachio, Badass Brown, Bomb Pop, Beelzebanana, Oil Slick, Grotesque Gold, Blackberry, Grape Ice, Aqua Glow, Strawberry Ice, Ice and the Super-rare mega-awesome, golden ticket chase. The chase is extra lucky and entitles the person to 1 of 5 Pukey Pink Ice Scream Melt Monsters.
  • Message Octopus :: Although only the yellow one is pictured above, we still have blue, lime and purple available – but they are all in low stock! Each octopus is hand knit by the artist, Serena Wong. If you like message octopus, make sure to check out gentleman tooth.
  • Melty Misfits by Buff Monster :: Trading cards created by Buff Monster and produced by Sticker Labs. I recently found 30+ Garbage Pail Kids cards in storage, so maybe that is why I dig the nostalgic spin on these. I like how these cards kept it true to GPK stlye by creating original paintings from acrylic and airbrush, the same technique used in the originals. The backs of the cards feature puzzles, checklists and reproductions of the pencil sketches used to paint the cards. 7 sticker cards per pack.
  • Pop! Super Shiny Mini Series :: This blind box series from Kidrobot stands at 3″ and brings your favorite balloon characters into a more permanent realm. No longer do you have to fear that that balloon character from your kid sister’s party will deflate. These are happy to sit on your shelf in shiny glory for a long time. Six different animals in multiple metalized shades – Cat, Poodle, Giraffe, Bear, Swan, and Unicorn – these little sculptures won’t ever lose their gas.