New Release Rundown : Week of November 14th

Thanksgiving is next week and that means only one thing… the Holidays are upon us and soon we will be bombarded with gift giving! Unlike me, who often waits until the last minute to put together gifts for my loved ones (sorry, guys!), you should get your shopping done as early as you can. There are some awesome art toys and books in this week’s Toy Rundown that would make incredible gifts! And keep an eye out for upcoming mph gift lists tailored for all the people in your life – the young at heart, the young at age, the toy fanatics, the plush lovers and those people who are difficult to shop for!

  • The Tree Book by Mark Ryden – This book is the exhibition catalog from “The Tree Show” at the Michael Kohn Gallery in LA. Exquisite paintings, drawings and sketches, as well as photos of sculptures and installations. A great piece for fans of Mark Ryden. I mean, come on… who doesn’t like creepy little girls wearing woodland creatures as hats?!
  • Banksy Myths and Legends by Marc Leverton – This awesome book is a collection of stories and tall tales all centered around the enigmatic presence of Banksy. Some might be true and some just hearsay, but they are all pieces of the legend that he is.
  • Bellicose Bunny by Nathan Hamill – This little bunny has won my heart! Although bellicose is in his name, I am certain that he fights for good, not evil, making this lil’ guy number one! “Starbunny Fields Forever!” Limited edition of 200!
  • Hello Kitty mimobot USB Blind Boxes – Hello, Kitty! Not only is this iconic Sanrio character capable of making people giddy, she’s now a cute and stylish way to save your files! Thanks to mimobot, Hello Kitty acts as a USB flash drive and also comes in cute animal designs! Penguin, fox, panda…! Too cute!
  • Skin & Bones Domino Set by Jeremy Fish – Okay, so I’ll be honest, I don’t know how to play dominoes, but I will definitely learn how and then will look super cool when I grab this domino set and hear all my friends “oo” and “ahh” in envy.
  • Chipster by Scott Tolleson – This smiley character is Chipster, a gentle, huggable creature who relocated from the bustling city to the serene forest. Be his bff in matching argyle suits, eating chocolate peanut butter cups into the sunset together! (Note: Argyle Suits and PB Cups Must Be Purchased Separately)


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