New Release Rundown : Week of November 28th

Hey-O! It’s time for another Release Rundown! This week we have a nice mix of art you can wear, play with, display and even drink out of!

  • Uglydoll Ceramic Mug – Big Toe in Light Green – Big Toe is here with hot coffee to get you through tough, cold mornings and warm tea to soothe you to sleep. at night. With his cute, albeit blank stare, he is a great companion to add to your meal and snack regimen.
  • Hermees in Yellow is the final colorway of Hermees, the trickster and international traveler created by Gary Ham and standing 8″ tall. Like the other colorways before this one, the colors compliment each other beautifully. This one would look great on your shelf!
  • King Bop Dragon in Blue –  Rumble Monsters make drool-worthy Japanese vinyl. This one speaks for itself!
  • Whales Men Tee from David Choe – The loveable and mischievous David Choe brings his signature whales to a tshirt. Also available in women’s!
  • Flannel Skull Bandana by Jeremy Fish – You don’t have to be a bandito to rock this radical bandana. Jeremy Fish is awesome, therefore this bandana is awesome. Wear it on your head, tuck it into your back pocket, or catch some sneezes in it.
  • Blond Mustachio from Shawnimals – This blond ‘stache is rockin’ the suburbs, hanging out in his backyard doing some light gardening and drinking a smoothie. Check out the other ‘staches we have and have a read of our mini interview with Shawn Smith!

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