New Release Rundown : Week of November 7th

  • JLed’s Piggy Banks – produced by Play Imaginative. Limited edition in Pink or Blue. – It’s a tough world out there, so saving your pennies might as well be more fun! We’ve been waiting for these since we saw JLed’s Holiday character in his Finders Keepers series.
  • Dunny 3″ Crusty – Frank Kozik strikes again with his smorkin’ and boozin’ rough and tough characters. This time, he’s getting you geared up for the holiday season with a crusty snowman, happy to celebrate the winter in some seedy dive bars to stay warm. And watch out for his bodily challenged chase who has fallen victim to climate change.
  • Wee ninjas from Shawnimals – We’ve got Big Wee Ninjas as well as lil’ ones with all kinds of personalities, like Zombie and Aqua. I don’t know about you, but every time we see the Pocket Wee Ninjas with that elastic loop around the top, we can’t help but wonder what a bunch of these ninjas would look like as decorations on a Shawnimals Christmas tree!
  • Staple Design x Kidrobot Pigeon – Holy Cr*p! This pigeon is a stylized version of Staple Design’s logo, inspired by these dirty birds found all over the city. Don’t worry, this one has been sanitized and won’t be making any messes in your collection. Only 800 worldwide!
  • Bent World Blind Boxes – From the ingenious and prolific toy designer MAD. Kidrobot and MAD have taken this line (originally released in 2007) to a new level, featuring clean and used versions as before, but now with the used versions sporting tags from MAD as well as a handful of his favorite artists, including kaNO, Marka27, Jesse Hernandez, Scribe, Pon, Brunson and Sket One. If you can’t wait to collect all 16 designs, grab yourself a case!

What is your favorite release of the week?!

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