New Releases! Week of May 28

Hey everyone! Last week we had some pretty killer releases and some of them are already sold out, so I wanted to make sure you are savvy to the figures we have left in stock – because they might be gone by next week!


  • First up we have Tara McPherson’s 20″ Black Heart of Gold Dunny – One look at this Dunny and you know it is a Tara McPherson design. The distinctive colors, scalloped edges and the skull are a dead giveaway. The Blue version of this 20″ Dunny has already sold out! Limited to 250 of each edition with the artist’s signature printed on the foot.
  • kaNo’s Dragon King: Enter the Dragon Edition – The 4th colorway of this figure is just as well designed and the rest. Comes with 1970s Bolex camera and a baton. I want to see these all lined up next to each other on some collector’s shelf.
  • TO-FU 4″ Aquarius – This little water bearer stays true to its nature with its cool blue color and that cheeky tongue poking out of its mouth.
  • Misko Mini Series by Nathan Jurevicius – Standing at 2.5″ in wood with a rich color palette, these minis make a nod to the artist’s Lithuanian roots. Inspired by ancient folk tales, these charming figures come with interchangeable heads and neck plumage that can be mixed and matched. 8 color variations.
  • Artists Series Jibibuts – Some of Noferin’s favorite artists have lent their talents to this series. If you missed our mini interview with Jibibut’s artist, Anna Chambers, have a read of it here.


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