Release Rundown :: Week of June 25

  • Dunny 2012 :: Blind Box – I like where this new series is heading – new sculpts that really bring forward the talents of the artists and push the boundaries of the platform figure.
  • Milton :: Super 7 :: Brian Flynn – What can I say, I am a sucker for candy kaiju. Milton has always been one of my favorites. Grab him in strawberry, chocolate or vanilla. Or get all three if you can’t decide on what you want or are craving that neapolitan mix.
  • Frederick (Green) :: Super 7 :: Bwana Spoons – Frederick is a happy to give you hugs and smiles, and well, why wouldn’t he feel that way when his smile is one of the cutest I’ve seen in awhile… especially on a beetle. To celebrate this release back in March, Super7 held an event. Check out the recap here!
  • Misfortune Cat :: Ferge x Playge – I am going to go ahead and say this because I can’t resist… this week has been Fergalicious at mph. And not in the booty shaking way, but in the churning out great toys as always way. Amusing yet obviously quite macabre, this version of Misfortune Cat is one of my favorites. The bright red contrast pops on the white vinyl. Its simple design is what gives it its power. Vinyl with ABS (hard plastic) eyes and tongue.
  • Playge x Ferg Rat :: Original – Human/rat hybrid that reminds me of the Rat character from Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. At 12″ tall with a heap of accessories including: 3 piece suit, 2 sets of hands+1, SPAS 12 shotgun, Bandolier, Stiletto, and Push-Button Action-Tongue. Here is where figures are taken to a new level.
  • junkie ji ja :: mr.clement – These birds have a serious addiction; I’ll let you have a look below to decide to what. Love the colors on these. They feel perfect for summer, especially if you’re interested in a laid-back, tropical season. In Green & Pink.

Don’t forget to check out the Unnatural Selection show!

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