Release Rundown: Week of March 19th

Hey-O! I’m excited to give you a quick rundown of what we’ve got in the shop this week, including some very cool releases coming up over the next couple of days. Ready, set, gooooooo!


  • Marge Mallow in Pink from Stephane Levallois and produced by ArtToyz – Cute, clumsy and oh-so-charming, Marge Mallow is the latest addition to the Toxic Candies Family. Released on Valentine’s Day and sporting the perfect shade of pink, this colorway of Marge is ready to bring some Spring into your life.
  • Amedas by Chima Group –  This lil’ dino is super cute and made of sofubi, a soft, more pliable vinyl. Created by Tokyo-based Chima Group and made in Japan. Also available with red boots and grey boots.
  • Gumdrop in Happy and Surprised by 64 colors – Produced by Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink, Gumdrop is the perfect companion for you or your Marshall! Gumdrop’s head rotates 360 degrees, so he can keep an eye on where he’s going and make a super good lookout. I have been a big fan of 64 colors for awhile now and love their simple colors on these little guys. RELEASED THIS FRIDAY (3/23) @ 11am!
  • Poketo Wallet #2 by Andrea KangRabid, Wild & Docile artist Andrea Kang has lent her talents to two Poketo wallet designs that are really lovely. Functional and charming! Check out our interview with Andrea!
  • Super Fattie 6″ FatCap by Queen Andrea – New York based artist, Queen Andrea has brought her graphic design skills and eye-popping palette to this super-sized FatCap. AVAILABLE TODAY (3/22) @ 11AM!

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