Release Rundown: Week of March 5, 2012

French Lowrider by Alexone :: This toy produced by Artoyz really has me drooling. I’ve been a fan of Alexone’s work for a long time, and this art toy brings out a wonderfully playful translation of his artwork into 3D.

Uprisings by Kozyndan :: This is the third colorway of popular figure “Uprisings” from Kozyndan. The bunny wave image, originally appearing in 2003, has become the calling card of this artist duo. The new colorway is a beautiful dark metallic blue with pearlescent bunnies. Buy two and use them as some very unique bookends.

Otis and Otto by Scott Tolleson :: Say hello to the final colorway of Otis and Otto, residents of Stolle’s Neighborhood. These guys are suuuper smart and could probably use mind bullets to get what they want, but they’re way too sweet for that, so don’t worry. Limited edition of 200!

Newtron by 123Klan :: 123Klan are so bloody talented it makes me crazy… in a good way. If you haven’t visited their site, make sure you do and pay a visit to their “About” page. Here’s a snippet of what they have to say about themselves: “We don’t do marketing, we are free like the soup dragons, we don’t care about your needs, we lie all the time, we are lazy, stubborn,super confident, arrogant but unfortunately super talented, we’ll tell you bullshit to make you feel confident, we’ll maybe work for you if you have enough money but drunk, we don’t care about the opportunities you will give us to work for you even if you own a big brand because you need our skills to look young and fresh.” That is just part of the reasoning behind my admiration for them. Enough said.

New mph exclusives from David Healey! :: Mashup artist David Healey is back with some new work that you can only snag from mph. You may remember the interview I did with him on the blog a little while back, and if not, go have a read. Then check out Wilde and IG-BABA.

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