Release Rundown :: Week of May 7

Hey, everyone! Hope your week has been exciting so far. It’s quite rainy where I am AND I have a cold, but I am enjoying looking at all of the colorful and fun new items we have in the shop. Let’s bring some color into our lives with this week’s rundown! Enjoy!

  • First up, I am excited to say that we have the new Artist Series Jibibuts in stock! The lineup is killer – Andrea Kang, Anna Chambers, Bubi Au Yeung, Buff Monster, Leo Hillier, Martin Hsu, 64 Colors, Nathan Jurevicius, Noferin, Peskimo, Squink and Tado! Dang. So, although these are blind boxed, you are guaranteed to get a great wooden toy every time. Also, keep a watch on this blog, because I have an interview with Jibibut artist Anna Chambers coming up soon!
  • FatCap 6″ Totem by Kronk – AVAILABLE THURSDAY – TODAY  (5/10) AT 11AM! –  Ancient Totem + 21st Century Tech = Sinful Delight at 4am!
  • 10″ Smorkin’ Labbit in Clear Pink – AVAILABLE THURSDAY -TODAY  (5/10) AT 11AM! – You know him and love him. This iconic figure from Frank Kozik is back this time in a more heavenly shade of translucent pink. With all of the familiar comforts of a bumhole and a cigarette.
  • Mini Qee 5″ in Love Pink – I can’t help but think of a Little Debbie Snowball when I see this lil’ critter. Yum…

Image from Rachel of Cupcakes Take the Cake

  • Skinner’s Every Man is My Enemy – I really love Skinner’s work, whether it is a large scale painting of a wizard or an elaborate scene of the grotesque, he always brings an enthusiasm and detail to his pieces. We’ll be talking with Skinner in the coming weeks and featuring a walk through of his studio for a look into this artist’s world.
  • vs.You Charged in Silver – Only 50 pieces of each colorway! Pack a punch with this resin figure. Florian Flatau aka THESIGNER is the creative mind behind vs.YOU. Influenced by graffiti and car design, THESIGNER has created an interesting piece. Silver is my favorite, but it is also available in white and black.


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