NYCC : 1 day left, time to prep!

1 day left before New York Comic Con begins! Here’s a few tips to make your experience a bit more fun :

1. Do not drive – There is no street parking in the area and the parking lots are pretty expensive. Take the subway if possible (E Train to 34th Street) and then walk or transfer to a bus (westbound M34). The weather is going to be great so take a stroll!

2. Bring cash – Some of the booths may not accept credit cards so as the boy scouts always say, “be prepared”. There are ATMs throughout the convention center so make use of them.

3. Bring snacks – Convention food is notoriously expensive and the surrounding restaurants leave a lot to be desired. Bring some snacks while you wait on the long lines and have a giant post convention dinner afterwards.

4. Make a list – Put together a list of everything you want and artists you want to meet so you don’t miss out on anything. Print out a copy of our NYCC Rundown List and keep it with you as you patrol the aisles.

5. Support your favorite artists – You probably have a long list of artists you want to meet and get sketches from. They take their time to travel to these shows and want to show their appreciation to their fans by sitting at a small table for hours on end sketching for free until their fingers stiffen up into claw like appendages. So if you enjoy their work please consider purchasing something of theirs before getting in line for a sketch because it will help them continue doing what they love and you will probably get a fancier sketch in return.

6. Take advantage of the post-show events – This is especially for those who are visiting NYC for the first time. There are always events going on throughout the weekend and is an excellent chance to talk with like minded fans as well as many artists. Nothing helps you unwind after a long day of conventioning (is that a word?) than a party, party, party! (Check the NYCC Rundown List for a list of events going on during the weekend.)

7. Have Fun! – You’re here to have fun, take in the atmosphere (and smells) and meet old and new friends. Check the drama at the door.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you when you attend the convention, it’s going to be fun. myplasticheart will be at booth #2879 in the Cultyard so come by and say hi!

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