Shawnimals Zombie Takeout Plush :: mph Exclusive at NYCC 2012

Everyone knows dumplings are delicious, but did you know Zombie Dumpling loves dumplings the most? No need for brains, just a tasty steamed then fried pork-filled friend to whet the old appetite. Mmm mmmm. So next time you order in on a dark, spooky night, and you hear a creepy sound in the other room, you best guard your leftovers!

We’ve seen Pocket Pork Dumpling dripping with gravy, all geeked out, super cute and even ready for Easter, but now, just in time for the spooky season, Shawnimals is bringing us zombies! These dumplings are limited to 100 pieces with 50 of each character. This blind-boxed mph exclusive will be available throughout NYCC 2012 for $20 each at our booth #3313.

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