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Rooftops + Sidewalks: Illustrated works on Boundless Brooklyn Model Kits

August 3rd, 2016



myplasticheart and Boundless Brooklyn present Rooftops + Sidewalks featuring custom designed water towers and mailboxes created from Boundless Brooklyn Model Kits. Featuring 27 talented illustrators at the top of their game this exhibit is curated by award winning artist Leo Espinosa.

The artists include :

Sonni Adrian
Jordan Awan
Calef Brown
Andrea D’Aquino
Rob Dunlavey
Sandra Equihua
Leo Espinosa
Lisk Feng
Bob Flynn
Charles Glaubitz
Raul Gonzalez
Jorge Gutierrez
Don Kilpatrick
Loris Lora
Aaron Meshon
Roman Muradov
Keith Negley
Robert Neubecker
Laura Osorno
Claudia Pearson
Micah Player
Julia Rothman
Himanshu Sharma
Bob Staake
Ellen Surrey
Jacob Thomas
Marius Valdes

Join us on Friday August 5th from 7-10pm for the opening reception. Many of the artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be served. Exhibition runs through September 2nd 2016.

Rooftops + Sidewalks
Illustrated works on Boundless Brooklyn Model Kits
Opening reception Friday August 5th 7-10PM
Exhibition runs through September 2nd 2016

210 Forsyth St. NYC

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MEET x myplasticheart Curated Lamps Event

July 14th, 2016



MEET The Artists – Curated Lamps Event

We would like to invite you to a special event happening at MEET on Chrystie in NYC on Tuesday July 19th starting at 6:30PM. myplasticheart was given the honor of curating an exhibit around designer toy artists Justin Alan Volpe, kaNO and Brent Nolasco with their works displayed above ground within “Favorite Things” Lamps created by Chen Karlsson.

Artists Brent Nolasco and Justin Alan Volpe will be in attendance for the evening. And MEET will offer their signature wine and cheese service to enhance what is sure to be a fantastic evening.

RSVP for the event:

Date: Tuesday July 19th, 2016
Location: MEET on Chrystie, 195 1/2 Chrystie Street Suite 200
Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

About Brent Nolasco
“The development of my art involves constant evolution to new ideas and new forms. Progression and change are what I live for. My art gives me the opportunity to create different situations and environments from the landscapes in my mind. I like to break down and rebuild surfaces using various mixed media. Everything in my life and art intermingle into harmony for me.”

About Justin Alan Volpe
“For me, my artwork is like operating a pop culture time machine focusing on characters from my youth that continue to entertain me into adulthood. Using toys and pop culture iconography as the primary vehicle to tell my story, I make connections with my audience through their sense of nostalgia, to share in some of their happiest memories.

POPprolific pieces are designed to be interacted with, to be played with, and to further an individual’s concept of imaginative play.”

About kaNO
In true city kid fashion, kaNO graduated from the High School of Art & Deisgn and went on to obtain a BFA in Animation at the School of Visual Arts in 1999. From the silver screen to galleries and even on to toy shelves across the world, kaNO’s style is distinctly recognizable as his own. As his creative pursuits expand, so does his ever growing list of clients and exhibitions.

In 2010 kaNO moved out to Los Angeles with his family, where he freelances as a character designer for such studios as Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and Hasbro. When he’s not making cartoons you can find him working on paintings, commissions and designing product for his brand ‘kaNO kid’ at his art studio in Burbank, CA.

meet_room2 meet_room meet_room3

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Zipper Rabbit “The Forest” releases 6/29/16

June 28th, 2016



Zipper Rabbit “The Forest”

On Wednesday June 29th at 1PM EST we’ll be releasing the first figures by South Korean artist Eloise Kim. Zipper Rabbit “The Forest” made it’s debut during Art Toy Culture in South Korea this year and has made the trip over to the U.S. for its first international release. Eloise describes her character as :

“It is a scary looking monster toy, who often faces discrimination from other rabbits. Through Zipper Rabbit, I intend to discuss about the misunderstanding and prejudice that comes from the outer appearance, and the true inner self.”

Zipper Rabbit “The Forest” will be available in 3 editions (Original, Black Eyes, Pink Eyes) and will retail for $59.99 each starting Wednesday June 29th at 1PM EST.
Eloise Kim Facebook

zipperrabbit_og_450 zipperrabbit_pnkeye_450zipperrabbit_blkeye_450

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Werifesteria opens Friday 07.08.16

June 21st, 2016


WERIFESTERIA (v.) to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery

myplasticheart presents Werifesteria, an exhibition featuring the work of 5 talented artists whose main medium is in the fiber arts. Revolving around the theme of woodland folklore, and much like the mystery that surrounds the origin of the word, Werifesteria takes us on a journey in search of all the mystical and magical things we might find if we were brave enough to venture. Through the mist and into the forest, come along and explore this wondrous world. Curated by Lana Crooks.

Lana Crooks –
Caitlin McCormack –
Carisa Swenson –
Mariangela Tan –
Zoe Williams –

Join us on Friday July 8th from 7-10pm for the opening reception. Many of the artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be served. Exhibition runs through August 2nd 2016.

Friday July 8th 7-10PM

210 Forsyth St. NYC

About Lana Crooks –
Lana Crooks loves the antique, the creepy, the cute and the mysterious. Constructing creatures from fabrics and found objects, she is a purveyor of faux specimens and soft curiosities that are a blend of science and fantasy. Sought after for her pattern-making abilities, she frequently teams up with other artists to breathe three dimensional life into their illustrations, earning her two Designer Toy Awards. She enjoys drawing from real specimens in dusty back rooms of Chicago’s natural history museums but, on an average day, you can find her in the studio surrounded by skulls, old books, aging fabrics, and a cat named Tanuki.

About Caitlin McCormack –
The act of stiffening intricately crocheted cotton string with glue produces material that is structurally similar to delicate bone tissue. The string utilized in this process can be viewed as the basic cellular unit of fabrication, and by implementing media and practices inherited from my relatives, both living and deceased, I aim to generate emblems of my diminishing bloodline, embodied by each organism’s skeletal remains.

The material out of which my work is composed acts as an alchemical conduit between the garment and the clothesline; it acknowledges the latter as a symbol of the ancestry and familiar bonds which have greatly informed my work. I wish to give the impression that a garment has disintegrated and reformed itself in the image of a tenacious animal’s remains, representative of both the persistence of memory and the significance of cloth and thread in the realm of human experience.

About Carisa Swenson –
Carisa Swenson sculpts and stitches curiously uncanny creatures that strike a balance between odd and endearing, fantastical and familiar, with a background in design and illustration. It wasn’t until 2006 after studying with renowned doll artist Wendy Froud that the final die was cast : art dolls would forever own her soul and trouble her nights, stirring her with a fervor that could only be quelled by sculpting her dreams into reality. Carisa’s passion for creating this eccentric menagerie of peculiar beasts springs from many sources – mythology, folk tales, the works of stop-motion masters Ray Harryhausen and the Brothers Quay: movies such as Watershed down and the puppetry of the Henson Workshop to name a few.

Carisa’s work has been shown in numerous galleries within the United States as well as internationally, and seen in publications such as Art Doll Quarterly and Spectrum. Carisa rides in New York City and is a member of the Circus Posterus collective.

About Mariangela Tan –
Our senses are the triggers that release our memories. Memories are at the core of who we are and where we’ve been. The loss of this changes us. As an artist, I create in an effort to connect to distant memories by affecting more than just sight. 

Currently working in needlefelt, because it is a medium that can be both visually beautiful as well as tactile. I am constantly looking for, learning, and using new materials and techniques, in an effort to create art that affects all the senses. Inspired by the wonder and the oddities of nature, I use them as symbols of things lost or forgotten. Familiar and yet new, my work is the evolution of my memories.

About Zoe Williams –
Zoë Williams creates otherworldly creatures that serve as spirit guides. Her sculptures are inspired by dreams, visions, and the collective unconscious.

Born in 1983 in New Orleans, LA, Zoë Williams holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of New Orleans and a Certificate in Fiber Art from the University of Washington. Her work in needle felted wool has been exhibited in galleries around the world. She currently lives and works in New York City.

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Satyr’s 1st Birthday releases 06.18.16

June 16th, 2016


Happy Birthday Satyr!

This Saturday June 18th marks the first birthday of Satyr, the popular and whimsical creation of Brooklyn based artist Seulgie. To commemorate this occasion myplasticheart will release a special edition featuring Satyr in a delicate baby blue with hints of glittery pink. This rendition reimagines Satyr as a baby unicorn outfitted with a single horn atop a translucent fluffy head of hair. Each Satyr will also be accompanied with a randomly colored heart-shaped balloon accessory in either green, yellow, or pink. They will be packaged in custom, hand-made boxes created by Seulgie and her sister with cloud-shaped paper inserts + silver-star confetti for a snow globe effect. This edition is limited to 12 pieces, and will release on Saturday June 18th at 1PM EST retailing at $130 each.


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