Philip Lumbang’s OBEAR Print


Philip Lumbang, whose first solo show, The New Adventures of Awesome Bear, is currently on view at mph, is releasing a new print, with the look of a familiar Giant’s propaganda-style poster. In addition to the print seen above, there will also be a run of 10 surprise hand-painted prints, each different from the other. The print will be released this Thursday, March 28, in a run of 33. Each giclée print is 18″ x 24″, signed and numbered and printed on Avon brilliant white paper.

Don’t forget to check out Philip’s work available at mph in store and online.

From the artist about the release:

A new propaganda campaign is upon us! Our panda friend is on a mission to open minds and free hearts. So rise up and break the chains of sad faces and high speed chases. The message is to unite through happy thoughts and blue skies. Happiness is the new black and being angry is whack, let us fight for the right to HUG LIFE.


Limited Release of 33 Prints (above)obear2Mystery Hand Painted Print, Limited to 10

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