Art Around the USA: Week of April 30

Yesterday we looked at a random mix of mph artists around the country and what they are up to. Today I thought we could catch a glimpse at the exciting shows that are happening around the USA… and I don’t want you to forget that myplasticheart’s next show is going to be a doozy! Intrinsic Value featuring the work of Donald “Scribe” Ross. Keep your eyes on this blog for more information and an exclusive interview with the man himself.

Mike Perry, the creative talent behind some of my favorite books, like Hand Job: A Catalog of Type and Pulled: A Catalog of Screen Printing, opened a show in Cincinnati, Ohio last night with Naomi Reis. If you are in Cincinnati or passing through sometime before July 20, I highly recommend you check it out! And if you are not familiar with Naomi Reis’s work, she creates really meticulous paintings with hand-cut drawings on mylar and pieces them back together. A lot of her work is architectural based, and I am interested to see what she has created for this show.

I am a big fan of Dabs and Myla’s work. After reading an interview with them where they described themselves as working so efficiently together and complementing each other’s skills so well that they had formed a super human, I was hooked. If you have ever had the chance to see them paint live, you’ll have had the opportunity to see this couple work better together than any live painters I have seen, fluidly switching off on different parts of the mural. They have a show opening tomorrow at Known Gallery in LA. Be there or feel bad about not being there on Sunday morning.

If you are in NYC for Cinco de Mayo, then head over to Williamsburg for a party with Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon as they perform in their band Anxieteam! It might not be a gallery show, per say, but these two visual artists always incorporate and play with art in their music. The party goes on from 3-9pm at Moves Brooklyn (419 Graham Ave) and the band goes on at 5pm!

And looking to the future…

The Distillery, an artists’ living and working space in Boston, will be holding an opening reception for Friends with Benefits on May 10th. The show features a lot of my favorite Massachusetts-based artists, including Pat Falco, whose witty illustrations I can’t resist, having once purchased a painting he created that reads, “I TOOK YOU HERE, YOU SAID SOMETHING, AND THEN I TOUCHED YOUR BUTT”. The exhibition also features prolific toy designer MCA and artists from the Project Super Friends crew collaborating on pieces with their favorite artists.

Happy art-finding and Cinco de Mayo!

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