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Brian Flynn

Today, Monday, November 19th, online business card creators, will launch Super7’s limited edition  business cards designed by Super7 founder Brian Flynn and based on his Haunted House and Secret Hideout poster designs. The collection, entitled “Wall to Wail Ghostpapers”, features four designs and is available in Black, Orange, Blue and Green until Dec. 31st. The cards are a part of The Luxe Project, an initiative by that teams artists’/designers’ limited edition designs and the charity of their choice. The designs are available for one month and 100% of the net proceeds will go to charity! Brian’s chosen charity is OneSight, a family of vision care charities dedicated to providing healthy vision, eyewear and sun protection to those in need worldwide. Brian chose this specific charity because his daughter has needed glasses from a very early age and he recognizes that “the simple act of seeing the world is not as easy as many of us think it is.”

Brian Flynn

What Brian has to say about the designs:

“For this series of cards, I tried to imagine the larger world of that haunted house, specifically, what would the interiors look like? In doing so, I decided that many of the rooms would be covered in custom wallpaper. The patterns on these cards are some of those different wallpapers —from the observatory (the all seeing eye), the game room (spade faces) and more. It was a fun way to think about this project in a new and unexpected way.”

Brian Flynn

I’ve used in the past to make business cards and really like the quality of them. They also have a very wide array of great designs to choose from if you aren’t into creating your own. I haven’t seen the Luxe cards in person but can really get behind great design for good causes! What’s your favorite color? I’m really digging the orange.

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