Characters as Production Toys: Part 3

Hey, everyone! It’s time for another installment of Characters as Production Toys! Here is where I get to voice my opinion on some of my favorite characters that I’d love to see as production toys. And don’t forget to leave a comment with a character you’d love to see brought into the 3D world!

Phil Lumbang’s Bear Character – We have seen this bear as a Ninja Turtle, Pikachu and even a Transformer! Now let’s see him as a production toy!

Gemma Correll’s Pug –  You might have seen her illustrations on tote bags and tees, especially the one featuring the “Pugs not Drugs” slogan (which is so cute, it’s been ripped off numerous times!). This lil’ guy plays a big part of her illustrations and makes frequent appearances on her blog. Here he is playin’ some music with a cat friend. Maybe these two could be a toy release duo.

Veng’s Walrus – We’ve seen this walrus character pop up here and there from Veng. I’d love to see it interpreted into a bust with some mean angles.

Naoko Stoop’s Girl Character – This little girl always seems to be playing in the forest and charming even the fiercest of woodland creatures. I’d like to see a small, delicate looking production toy of this lovely character or maybe something a bit retro calling on the likes of Strawberry Shortcake…

Skinner’s Wizard Character – Skinner has already had some wickedly crazy toys, but I would love to see a wizard toy from him.

Hanging on my wall from NYCC 2011…



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