Characters as Production Toys: Part 4

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday morning! I thought we could have a look at another installment of Characters as Production Toys, where I create a list of artists’ reoccurring characters that I’d love to see made into a run of art toys.

First up, someone needs to make a 123KLAN mustached character. I am a big fan of their work and this guy has been popping up in one form or another. Since that hasn’t happened yet, if you want your 123KLAN fix – grab a Newtron produced by Artoyz.

Next up is Chris RWK’s robot character. I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with Chris a couple of times and he is such a lovely guy – hard working too; It would be fun to see this robot character that we all associate with RWK made into a production toy.

Ekiem is an artist I only have been following the last year, but I have been very impressed with his color palette, bold lines and character creation. In just a short time, he’s convinced me that his work would look great as a toy. Check out his Jiminy Cricket-esque character below.

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Flying Fortress’s work. We all know of his infamous Teddy Troops, but I’d love to see this Jolly Green Giant inspired troop as a toy!

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