Characters as Production Toys : Part II

Hey, everyone! Last week I talked about artists’ characters that I’d like to see made into production toys, and I am here to do it again this week!

The first person up this week is Boston-based Fish McGill. His squiggles and crazy characters remind me a bit of Jon Burgerman’s doodles in a way, but Fish is a lot more robot and wiener dog heavy, which is awesome. Of all of his characters, I would say that his Robot would have to be the first character that should hit the production line. He’s made little ones and GIGANTIC ones and they deserve a chance to be made into a 3D figure!

El Toro is next up. He is the guy whose horny character has made an appearance in stickers all over the world.

Jon Burgerman holding a sculpt El Toro made of his infamous character at NYCC 2011

I’ve seen Dolla’s artwork realized as stickers, in wood and on spray cans, but I would love to see it as a production toy.

Me & Dolla at his studio in Orlando

Last but not least on today’s list is EVOKER. His cartoon-ish characters scream to be made into a line of toys. If I were to pick a character to be made into a production toy, it would be a beaver that recently appeared in one of his stickers.

Can you spot the beaver?!

That’s it for this installment, let me know if you have any favorite characters you’d love to see as production toys. Leave a comment and let us know what you want to see!

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