Characters as Production Toys

There are so many amazing toys out there, and we often get to see a glimpse of artists’ characters brought to 3D life with the customization of platform toys or the creation of a small run of their figures at their own hands. Here’s part of a rundown of artists whose characters I’d love to see in a full production line.

New Zealand artist Paul Shih is a pro at making his own resin toys. His characters are very memorable and he does a great job at realizing them in 3D. His Pandara (below) and Sushi Kaiju figures are amazing! It would be awesome to see these produced in larger runs!

Husband and wife team APAK dream up the most charming characters. They have done some lovely customs, including the UNKL SUG below, but it would be great to see a production toy of one of their little creatures, so I could buy a plethora of them to inhabit my shelves.

I love Oliver Jeffers’ characters from his children’s picture books. As a former children’s librarian, I find that they really stick out as having engaging and unique imagery for both the young and old. Although Jeffers has many characters I’d love to see made into toys, I think his penguin character would be my first pick.

Let’s throw another panda into the mix! Podgy Panda, another artist from New Zealand who is now residing in London, has created some fantastic characters and is a master at customizing even the biggest of toys. I would love to see his signature panda as a line of toys – maybe featuring accessories, like these space panda sketches below!

Stay tuned for the next installment of this list with more characters from talented artists around the world! And let us know whose characters you’d like to see more of.

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