Custom Artist: Mike Die

Hey everyone! After talking about Jeff Beck’s custom work yesterday, I thought it would be nice to feature some customizers on here more regularly. Custom toys are an interesting vein of the toy world; especially when reinterpreting a platform toy. We’ve seen artists paint, add to and destroy toys like the Munny over and over again. I have seen artists stumped over the hump of getting past what the toys natural form obviously lends itself to because it so often can be difficult to look past that blatant nose or those prominent ears on the platform shape. Today we’re looking at the work of Mike Die, an artist who contributed to the Silly Rabbits custom Dunny series.

His customs bring in a futuristic and mechanical look, with buttons, panels and vents painted in the details. I am also digging the additions he is making in what I think is felt. His lines look quite clean as well.


You can check out more of Mike Die’s work on his Flickr account. What customizer are you really into lately?

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