Customs from Christmas Present & Past

With just a few days left until Christmas, here’s some customs from this season and Christmases gone by…

The Three Xmas bears created by Red Mutuca Studios, a collective focused on developing characters in resin and vinyl and customizing platform toys:

Firework disaster” by Igor Ventura – reminding everyone to be safe this holiday season

“Clumsy Elf Bear” by Luihz Unreal – reminding us to be careful when we try to assemble that IKEA furniture we got as a gift


“Jack T., the shining bear” by Sergio Mancini – How many Dunnys does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Customs by Bryan Lopez aka B.A.L.D. from California:

“Yellow Snow Monster” – The worst kind of snow! Keep your kids away!

“Avalanche, the Yeti” – I wouldn’t want to run into this dude while snowshoeing through the Arctic tundra

Leecifer completely decked the halls back in 2008:

And if this post left you feeling in the DIY mood, check out our DIY corner or grab Kozik’s Crusty 3″ Dunny Snowman to add to your seasonal toy collection!

What is your favorite winter themed dunny?

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