Happy Cat Day from Aya Kakeda

Aya Kakeda, an artist who was born and raised in Tokyo but now resides in Brooklyn, let us know that today (2/22) is Cat Day in Japan. According to Aya, this holiday comes from a cat’s “mewing” sound in Japanese which is “nyan nyan nyan” and sounds similar to “2 2 2”. Aya’s been involved with several shows at mph, including Bad Luck Club and the show currently on display, Fonzo Love NY.

Aya’s cat-related comic for today’s celebration:

ayakakeda1 ayakakeda2


‘Hana Yume’ Custom Fonzo by Aya Kakeda

And if you are looking to celebrate Cat Day too, why not grab a Misfortune Cat or Chococat Mimobot?



Misfortune Cat Series 1 Blind Box


Mimobot: Chococat 4GB


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