Jeremy Madl aka MAD at Foxwoods Casino

When I heard MAD was going to be live painting a giant Dunny at Foxwoods Casino, I wanted in on the action. Unlucky for me, the event coincided with last week’s Rabid, Wild & Docile opening at mph. I did manage to get there for the aftermath though. Yesterday Evoker and I took a mini road trip and headed to the casino to see the 4 foot tall hand-painted Dunny in all its glory. At first, I was thinking that having this event at a casino was a bit random, but Evoker pointed out to me that all blind boxed toys are essentially a gamble… what a smarty he is! I didn’t put those two together.

Have a look below to check out the MAD Dunny now on display at Foxwoods Casino in CT at the Essentials storefront.

Signature on the bum

Getting a bit silly…

In case you missed my “Five Questions With… MAD!” interview, have a read. And if you are jonesin’ for a MAD toy, check out Bent World Spray Cans or Bent World Beats.

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