Jon Burgerman for Coachella

British doodler turned NYC resident and doodle-master, Jon Burgerman has lent his talents to the Coachella music festival in the form of a rather large print (over 33 inches). The second weekend of the festival is coming up in four days and the line up continues to impress, featuring a plethora of talented music acts. Burgerman looks like he had a lot of fun creating this poster image, although let’s face it, he always looks like he is having fun creating art! His playfulness in his approach to art has led him to making a very fun and charming poster, playing with some of the stereotypical festival behavior. Have a look at the detail images below to see what I mean.

The poster is only available at Coachella, so get yourself to the second weekend of the festival!

In other Coachella related and sort of odd news, Tupac made a special appearance this past weekend at the festival via hologram technology. Note: There is some foul language in the following video… I mean, you probably expected it, but I just wanted to warn you.

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