kaNO x Tracy Tubera :: ‘Just Doin’ It’ @ Dragatomi

Some of Tracy’s work for the show

Tracy adding the final touches

kaNO adding clear coat to finish his work off


Inspired by Bo knows!

Tonight at 7pm (west coast time) Dragatomi will be unleashing the work of kaNO and Tracy Tubera as they open Just Doin’ It. All of the work are new pieces on chipboard and to tie the artists’ styles together, they’ve created work under the theme of “Nike kicks”. If you are a sneaker freak, then you definitely don’t want to miss this. And who are we kidding, even if you aren’t a sneaker head, you’ve got to love the work of these two talented artists. If this news wasn’t exciting enough, kaNO  will be in attendance for the opening as well, so here’s your chance for a meet and greet with him. The show runs April 14th to May 5th.

Check out this awesome video below featuring Tracy talking about the theme of the show, taking elements from Nike shoes to incorporate in his illustrations, and how nice and cool of a guy kaNO is! (Haha, like I ever doubted that he is awesome!)

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