Kyla & James Quigley in Providence, RI

This weekend, I headed to Providence to check out Quigley’s Magic Show opening at the Buonaccorsi+Agniel gallery. James Quigley (aka GUNSHO) is an amazing screen printer, which you can tell by looking at the images below. He uses 5+ colors and his registration is always spot on. It’s very impressive. His wife, Kyla, brought a fun 3D element to the show with plush and other wall mounted sculpted creatures. Walking through the exhibition, I felt like I was on some sort of spiritual quest or perhaps a bad acid trip… either way I hoped to come out with a spirit animal or two. Check out a smattering of the artwork below.

Loving this wolf – someone make this into a vinyl art DIY piece! I’d love to customize this face!

James & Kyla

 All photos credited to EVOKER.

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