My Sweet Sunday

I spent yesterday wandering around in a sugar-induced coma in Narragansett, RI at Cupcake Madness RI. Bakeries from around the state as well as home-bakers, including kids, set up shop in the ballroom at the Village Inn on Narragansett Pier. Check out these creative and tasty desserts!

You might be asking what this has to do with toys, but if you take a look at the mph store, you’ll notice there is a trend of sweet treats in the toy world.

Like Brutherford Industries’ Ice Scream Man

And Marge Mallow by Stephane Levallois

Oh and we can’t forget

Yummy Dessert Keychains by Heidi Kenney

And the sweet lil’ treat by 64 Colors

Marshall or his pal Gumdrop

Hope your day is extra sweet!

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