RsinArt’s Playsam for Super7’s “Playsam 500” Show

“Playsam mounted on a sculpted base. Meant to be hung on a wall. Did something a bit different then what I had originally wanted.” –RsinArt

The toy blogs have been doing a rad job posting previews of artists’ work (see here and here) in the upcoming PLAYSAM 500 show taking place in San Francisco at Super7. Opening on April 28th, this show features 59 artists from around the world, who have been asked to customize the iconic Playsam Streamliner Classic, designed by Ulf Hanses. A portion of the sales will help benefit the World Childhood Foundation.

The image above was taken from RsinArt’s Twitter, and shows an image of his contribution to the show. I wanted to give this particular one a shout out on the blog because I hadn’t seen it covered elsewhere and because I find it interesting how he has utilized the toy as something other than a car.

Do you have a favorite custom you’ve spotted in the previews for this show?

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