Scribe Paints Children’s Hospital Jet

Recently Scribe took a trip out to Mena, Arkansas to paint a plane for Children’s Mercy Hospital. This artist is no stranger to painting aircraft and vehicles. As in-house artist for Children’s Mercy, Scribe’s work has donned an ambulance and a helicopter, so I was really excited when I heard that he was tackling an even larger scale project. The jet is used for transporting patients coming to the hospital in Kansas City who might be unable to travel hours in a car. The paint job follows the hospital’s “Just For Kids” theme. I don’t think I have ever seen any work from Scribe that I didn’t love and the fact that he works creating artwork for children and their families who are faced with hard times, makes his work even more appealing to me. So inspiring!

The mockup of the jet’s design

Great work from a talented artist for a good cause!

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