SDCC 2012

I hope everyone who is hanging at SDCC 2012 is having a blast! I couldn’t make it there, but I wanted to highlight some of the happenings that I am excited about this year.

Phil Lumbang x Dragatomi – Awesome Bear Sculpt – Back in January, I included Phil’s bear character in one of my Characters as Production Toys lists. Glad to see it is happening!

Luke Chueh’s custom Uglydoll – WHOA. I can’t stop cracking up at this little guy’s misfortune. He is cute and disgusting all wrapped up into one. I believe SpankyStokes likens this character to a mullet, “adorably ugly in the front, absolutely ugly in the back”. Hah! Luke’s is one of many customs for Giant Robot’s Remix Project.

Scribe x Cardboard Spaceship – Clear Green Rumpus – Really liking this colorway

Super7 x Transformers – Speaks for itself!

Gary Ham’s pink Wooper Looper figure

Also, check out this list put together by my friend Paul Shih over at TOYSREVIL. Paul lists his top ten toys at SDCC. It’s a great list with some of my favs on there!

And I’d like to mention that mph has been nominated for Best Toy Store and Best Online Toy Store in the Designer Toy Awards, so go over to their website and vote!

If you are at SDCC, I am jealous but I hope you’re having a great time!

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