The Big Nazo!

Recently I walked into one of the most unique spaces I have seen yet: The Nazo Lab in Providence, RI, home of The Big Nazo theater company. This space, which has been visited by everyone from rock stars to former presidents, is home to a troupe of creative individuals who bring characters to life in wearable costumes, which are then used in performances and parades throughout the world. It’s one thing to see a character on paper or canvas brought to life as an art toy, but could you imagine some of your favorite artists’ creations on a HUGE scale?! Reminds me of why I like Friends with You’s large scale public artwork so much! Have a look at the images below, and although we can’t offer you a wearable whale costume, how about a t-shirt with some of David Choe’s awesome whales on it instead? We won’t stop you from making whale sounds while wearing it.


What art toys would you like to see in large scale? A giant mustache? A humongous Mummy Boy? A larger than life Yummy donut?

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