The Ting Tings Love KR

I’ve been a fan of the Ting Tings music for awhile now. They’re always coming out with fun, upbeat tunes that I can’t help but dance to, sing to and oftentimes, hula hoop to. So, when I saw they had posted an image of the ‘Stache Labbit in tiger print on their Facebook, I wanted to share it here on the blog. The best part about this is that Katie called the Labbit the “Coolest pig/teddy bear thing that ever walked the earth.” Haha. You’ve got to love that interpretation of this loveable and mischievous creature we have grown so fond of.

Katie also noted, “May I add it also has a genuine bumhole…”

mph has this Labbit as well as many others like the ‘stache Labbit in cow, ‘stache Labbit in white, mini Labbit plush and many more!

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