Visit with Dance Party Massacre : Massacre Custom Munny

Recently I visited Alex from Dance Party Massacre to check out his studio space. DPM is a a clothing brand based in Boston, MA that mixes elements from horror movies with keen graphic design to create tongue-in-cheek pieces. His studio is filled with awesome images from campy 80s movies and inspirational slogans to keep his creativity a’flowin. I also ran into this aggro custom Munny, a piece of fan art he received, which I wanted to share. I always love seeing customs on different DIY platforms. This one is ready for a massacre and the box is even splattered with what I am hoping is just red paint…! What are some of your favorite customs you’ve seen this year?


What’s your favorite DIY platform? Teddy Troop? B-Bot? Ghost Girl? Check out our DIY section! There are a ridiculous amount of DIY toys in there as well as markers to get creative with!


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