Wednesday Dig List

It’s Wednesday and what are you digging so far this week? Here is a list of what I’m into…

1. Scribe’s Intrinsic Value show opens this Friday at mph! Are you going?!

2. It’s Super7’s 11th Anniversary and they are planning some secret surprises… (Lucky Bag!) but on top of that I am loving their release of Cream-Filled Foster-O. Too delicious to pass up.

3.This is the second release of these Woodbees by Lunabee and Pepe Hiller. Carved by Hiller and hand-painted by Lunabee. These hand crafted figures will be the last of them, after the first group quickly sold out back on May 10th. Hop over to Lunabee’s store on May 17th to pick up one of the 4 worker bees or the queen.

4. Alex Pardee’s “Merlin Monroe” for Upper Playground – That’s one sexy wizard.

5. I am a sucker for well illustrated children’s books like Naoko Stoop’s Red Knit Cap Girl and would love to create my own one day. If you’re interested in taking that kernel of an idea and seeing it realized in a children’s book (oh and have $900 and can travel to Vermont), then take a look at the Center for Cartoon Studies’ course listings for summer. Plus, Scott C. will be part of the faculty!

So tell mph what you’re into this week! And if you’re feeling like there is not much to dig this week, we’ll see you at the opening this Friday and change your mind.

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