Weekender List


I was stuck inside today doing work, but in my online travels I collected some tidbits of the week that you might like, so I thought I’d share them with you here.

A record created by Betso for YRB magazine

Playsam 500 opens at Super7 in San Fran tonight

Pete Fowler had fun painting on the iPad

VISEone’s new custom dunnys – very limited! – see more on ClutterMagazine.com

Jibibuts Artist Series revealed – Peskimo, Squink, Martin Hsu, Tado, Bubi Au Yeung, Anna Chambers and more! – will be available at mph in the next couple weeks

From TADO and Mathmos – Chuppi is one part ambient light and one part designer vinyl toy! You can make your own face with the provided stickers and you can set the color of Chuppi’s light!

And to start off your Saturday night, have a listen to my friend, Tommy Ill’s song, “Best Damn Evening” –

Hope the rest of your weekend is super great!

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