What’s Happenin’ Roundup

Here are a few things that happened or are going to happen that you might like to know about. ENJOY!

The Hungry Games  :: Jon Burgerman in Chicago – If you are going to be in Chicago this weekend please go check out the Hungry Games, an elaborate art and sporting event created by Jon Burgerman in response to his characters not being chosen as mascots for an unnamed large-scale sporting event. There will be Burgerman’s artwork, mascots and sundries. The audience will be urged to participate in a collection of sporting activities, including The Soda Pop Race, Vegetable Toss Off, Cheese Grating Racing and more.


FriendsWithYou :: Solo Show in HK – Happy Rainbow – The exhibition will include a forty-foot interactive bounce house, as well as fiberglass, plush and resin sculptures. Sounds pretty wonderful.

“Designed to envelope the visitors and transcend them into a higher state of self awareness, “Happy Rainbow,” is a journey into yourself.” -FWY

Fun Coverage of the Customized Uglydoll Show at SDCC 2012 over on Jeremyriad’s site.

Mini-documentary from SDCC 2012 that I found on SpankyStokes :: Includes cool footage of Ryan the Wheelbarrow screen printing for KR

‘Munted’ Pineapples by my lovely friend Podgy Panda :: Friday night painting in London

Have a super fun weekend! Make the most of it!

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