Andrew Bell Studio Part 2 : Android and other projects

This is part 2 of my visit to the studio of Andrew Bell. For part one of this feature please click here.

For the second part of my visit with Andrew Bell I wanted to focus on various projects going on in his amazing studio in Brooklyn, NY. If you’re wondering, the guy pictured below is not one of his slaves or staff but kaNO of Dragon King fame who happened to also be at the studio checking out a collaboration he’s working on with Andrew.  First we take a look at his hidden lair, filled with assorted toys and goodies:

The view upon entering the studio:


The goods inside:


kaNO trying to lift a gigantic Worrible:


Here’s a new project Andrew is working on called Android Foundry which will be an expansion of his Android world. You’ll be hearing more about this in the near future:


Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming Android Series 3 blind box artist series (work in progress):

and the Android designed by kaNO based on a certain Beastie Boys video:

I hope you enjoyed this studio visit and please comment if you would like to see more posts like this one!


  1. Great !!! News

    The Android is looking fantastic. What about this mysteric ANDROID FOUNDRY – Project?

    Hope Andrew and all his friends woun’t forget all us european dealers and Andrew Bell / Dyzplastic Fans …


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