Heidi Kenney’s Studio

Heidi Kenney, the creator of Yummy Donuts, Yummy Dessert and most of the loveable food items with big ‘ol eyes produced by Kidrobot, was gracious enough to share a bit of her wonderfully inspiring world. You may only be familiar with her Yummy series, but what you might not know is that Heidi is an all around talented artist, baker, crafter, thrifter and author, having written the children’s craft book, Every Day’s a Holiday. I have been a long-time fan of Heidi’s work, following her blogs on My Paper Crane and The Vintage Heidi, where she writes about her craft projects as well as shares her great vintage finds and cool collections. In this post, Heidi shows us her studio, a space she sometimes shares with her husband, a tattoo artist, on the third floor of her house in PA. You’ll see that in addition to her studio space, she also gives us a look at some of her collections, including an impressive PEZ dispenser collection with its own electric blue custom case, deer figurines and more.

Thanks so much to Heidi and make sure to check out all of the Yummy items we carry at mph, including her new plush Blueberry Pie and Black and White Cookie!


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