Inside kaNO’s studio

Awhile back, LA-based artist kaNO graciously gave us a look into his studio. kaNo’s work was showcased at mph in the Rare Breed show last year and I am sure you know him as the designer of the Dragon King figure. His style is unique to his work, exhibiting bold lines mixed fluidly with beautifully flowing curves, which translates smoothly to both toy design and paintings. We currently have one of his paintings “One Love” available in our shop. Enjoy this look into kaNo’s studio space!

“One Love”


Sket One, Ritzy Periwinkle and Cost/Revs sticker

AT-AT & Kaws

Current reading material

Always love seeing the tools of the trade

TrustoCorp., Obey, Crump

Staple Pigeon

Thanks so much to kaNO!

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