Paul Shih DIY Tutorial :: Part II

Here is the second part of Paul Shih’s DIY tutorial on creating original resin figures. We are getting a look at his new BEVIL figure, released this Friday in his online store! And if you missed the first part… here it is.

I don’t have any fancy tools or machines for degassing, so I’m using the ‘bombs away’ method to eliminate air bubbles! Prepare cups with a 1cm(approx) hole.

I let the mixed silicon fall from approx 80cm high

The first side of the silicon mold is complete! Flip it over and repeat the preparation, this time apply some Vaseline on the silicon surface, so the 2parts won’t stick together!

BEVIL’s silicon mold is complete!

These are my tools for making resin toys, from left to right, top to bottom, resin A & B, mixing cup and mixing stick, digital scale and cups, Vaseline and brush, clock, rubber bands, and silicon mold!

I use Vaseline as a release agent.

Mix and pour the resin into the mold.

Close the mold and tighten with a rubber band.

I do hollow cast or roto cast or slush cast… Whatever they called it, which is hollow inside, and yes I live in the stone age – I don’t have any degas & rotocast machine – I hand rotate each and every resin toy!!

BEVIL comes out from the mold!

I use both airbrush and brush for painting toys, airbrush mainly for larger areas, brushes for details! In this case, the two shades of green on BEVIL were painted with airbrush, also 2 varnish coats at the end, only the eyes were painted with a          fine brush.

A completed BEVIL resin toy! BEVIL will be available on Friday 22 of June from my website!

Thank you so much to Paul for letting us look at his toy making process. Very impressed with the hard work! Keep an eye put for BEVIL!


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