Paul Shih DIY Tutorial

New Zealand-based artist Paul Shih has been busy working on his new resin figure BEVIL. You might know this little broccoli character from some of his more recent work. Paul opened up his studio doors to mph to give us a look at his process for creating limited run resin figures. Here’s Part 1 or a two-parter. Enjoy!

These are my minimal sculpting tools, and I’ve been using the spoon 80% of the time!

I sketch out my guide, and build a foil/wire skeleton based on my guide.

I cover the foil with Sculpey, and shape up the body.

I continue on the body shaping. Here I work on his back with a little butt!

For accuracy of the sculpture, I use paper stencils to help me with the details, marking all the outlines onto the sculpture.

Slowly adding each and every details

For his afro hair, I want it to look natural and accuracy isn’t the first priority, so I roughly sculpted the hair base without any guides or marks on the sculpture

I keep adding Sculpey, baking and sanding until I’m satisfy with his hair, which takes a lot of time!! This is the last bake before I call it done!

Then I start to prepare 2 parts for the mold making. I make a bed from Klean Klay with BEVIL sinking in half way, where I want the mold to split.

I build Lego walls around it, poking some dots in the Klean Klay surface with the back of pens – this is for registration purposes.

More to come tomorrow!


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