Welcome to Skinner’s World :: Part I

Most of the time, when I look at Skinner’s work, I feel like I’m being sucked into a psychedelic, enticing, twisted and sometimes frightening world created from an ever-melting box of crayons. Whatever he does, it is pretty epic. I often can’t help but wonder what a normal day is like in Skinner’s world, so I asked him to share some insight into where he works and plays, to perhaps shed some light on what fuels this wickedly talented artist.

Without further ado I hand the mic over to Skinner:

This is my art studio/house. I built a house and an art studio on this property in North Sacramento but I decided to make my art studio livable if and when I choose to stay here. I usually stay at My girlfriend’s spot downtown; Its more cozy and fun at her place. This neighborhood here is totally hostile and its ridiculous, so I rent out the house to my friends Ray and Caitlin and I stay in the back working. It’s pretty nice back here.

Here’s my mess, it is my special boy mess. It has all my weird stuff present, to keep me inspired, but mostly I just have my head down. That’s Matt. He didn’t know I was taking a picture.

Here is a close up. Those filing cabinets have a shitload of black and white originals in them and some paintings on paper, toy designs, cartoon concept pages and other stuff. Its fun to look through, if you ever come over I will show you. I love old Halloween masks, do you? Look at all of my crap.

I like my wall of weird comics I love. It’s a fun wall..some comic nerds will look at this wall and say,” Skinner likes some pretty good shit.” Others will say, “Where’s the Chromium covers?”.  And those will be the people that don’t come over.

I am a huge Richard Corben fan… HUGE! For me it’s all about..Grimwit, Den, Rip In Time, Fantagor and Slow Death.

Do you like Mat Brinkman? If you don’t you should. This is my Kitchen. That Alex Pardee piece is real and it rules and if you know who I am, it’s probably his fault so please direct any hate mail or documents of displeasure and disenchantment accordingly.

This is my bathroom. I had my Uncle Tim build it with all the money I made from a show in Japan. It was a good distribution of funds. Uncle Tim is this incredible wacky Vietnam Vet family friend guy that I love a lot. He’s a character and they dont make them like that any more. I loved having him around. I painted a big painting of John Wayne for him. He survived being shot and stabbed a bunch of times, so I am grateful I can joke around with him. I love you Uncle Tim. He sorta looks like a bootleg Sylvester Stallone.

This is the jam room. My girlfriend’s band jams here and I do too when I get the chance. Shit has gotten hectic for me, so I’m not playing as much metal right now. That is my guitar – Ibanez Destroyer with EMG † pick ups in it. I know, I know… Zakk Wylde is a corn hole.

Now leaving the Jam room. Say good bye to Ritchie Blackmore. Those are He-Man cels… got them cheap.

This is where I watch Lord of The Rings and Ghost Buster cartoons.

The bedroom…

Turn to page 23 if you choose to walk up the stairs of discontent. Turn to page 6 if you choose to go to the bathroom and face the water drinking beast.

Come back tomorrow for Part II!


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