Welcome to Skinner’s World :: Part II

Yesterday we left off with Skinner prompting us to answer a “Choose Your Own Adventure” style question that ultimately he’s answered for us…

Awww, you have chosen to face the water drinking beast!! It killed you; start over!

Hanging from the ceiling are some Dice. I hope they don’t fall.

The Clone is a small but formidable creature. She screams out for water all day every day!!

The Clone is pleased.

Get to work digital slave Unit #379

I keep pictures of all of my friends who have passed away in front of my desk. Sometimes I get sad looking at them but I am glad they are there.

Look long and jealously at the tomes of olde that I have collected over the years. Everything I need to continue on my ridiculous path – a lot of Nostalgia, Occult, Nerdy, Bizarre and mind bending shit to keep me inspired.

Some junk – This is a statue I made for a film that is being made right now called Transcendent, a Lovecraft horror film. It’s a dragon totem that is supposed to look like it was made by a hybrid inbred fishman (me).

Thanks go out to Skinner for giving us a look into his world through stories and images! We can’t wait to see where his artwork takes him and everyone who appreciates and enjoys it!

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