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FUN GUS limited edition toy kickstarter launched!

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

He is a FUN GUY (ha!) and a pretty cool mushroom – easy going, rockin’ some sweet shell toes and just doing his own thing. I think Fun Gus will make a great platform toy for both DIY customizers and artist editions. Speaking of artist editions – 3 great artists have made awesome versions of FUN GUS for launch: Buff Monster, Frank Kozik, and Jeremyville! You can see them in detail on the Kickstarter project page – including the super limited Kickstarter-exclusive color ways.

Jeremyville and Buff Monster at Secret Walls

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

Jeremyville and Buff Monster teamed up for a collaborative mural at the Ace Hotel in NYC on June 6 for Secret Walls, an epic art battle which has been brought around the world. They went up against advertising creatives Matt Egan BFG9000 and Gian Galang BBH. Each team took to their 6 ft x 10 ft canvases in a heated battle, but Jeremyville and Buff Monster came out on top in the end. Judges were Ron English, Carlo Mccormick and Stephen Bliss. This event was hosted by Bernstein & Andriulli an artist management agency and media consultancy in NYC.

Check out what we have in stock from these two talented artists –

Jeremyville and Buff Monster!

jeremyvilleImage from Buff Monster’s Instagram


New Ice Cream Head Skull from Buff Monster

Thursday, June 6th, 2013


We might be able to expect a new Ice Cream Head from Buff Monster in the near future. He recently released the above image and noted that this ice cream skull figure will be coming soon. Below you’ll see the resin ice cream head pieces that made their debut at the Number of the Beast show this past April. These figures were sculpted by David Healey of Healeymade in NYC and quickly sold out.


In the meantime, grab a pack of Melty Misfits.

Buff Monster x Healeymade

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

Buff Monster, Healeymade and sculptor Mitch Martinez teamed up on the creation of “Double Heather” a Garbage Pail Kids figure released via Buff Monster’s online shop last Thursday, April 25. According to Buff Monster’s webstore, the figures are now sold out, but this image was released by Buff Monster yesterday, showing the piles of GPK figures he’d picked up from Healeymade. From reading Buff Monster’s caption to the photo, it seems like he’s pretty stoked to have moved to NYC beacause of the artistic opportunities here. I think we can expect more limited run toys like these in the near future.


In other Healeymade related news, there will be 12 of these Necromancer figures released this week. No specifics about day or time yet made public yet. Click here to see what mph has in stock of Healeymade merch or grab some Melty Misfits sticker cards.


Buff Monster Timelapse Video

Monday, March 25th, 2013



Buff Monster just released a timelapse video of him painting. Later this week, this piece will be available as a print. I am always interested in seeing an artist’s process and this video is a fun watch. Wait for all of the details to come in at the end; then the work really comes to life with the bold characters we know and love from this artist. Watch the video below.

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