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Metal and Fur – New Work by Philip Lumbang and ChrisRWK opens August 8th

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015



myplasticheart presents Metal and Fur, featuring the work of artists ChrisRWK and Philip Lumbang where the melding of their unique styles bring together an east coast meets west coast collaboration. Both share similar influences ingrained in a common graphic/illustrative style that is most notably demonstrated in many of the murals and walls both have adorned over the years in the streets of NY to LA. Philip whose iconic Awesome Bear character is often seen on walls and abandoned lots in downtown Los Angeles helps to spread Phil’s message of fun and happiness along the way. Chris started doing graffiti as a kid growing up in Staten Island and has evolved his ominous character Robots Will Kill. The two artists bring their collective influences to the table where they explore the dichotomy as well as parallels in their work with solo pieces as well as fully collaborative works. Through this joint endeavor you will see a growth in their visual verbiage and a willingness to come out of their comfort zones.

“When I was asked about doing a two man show at myplasticheart I was excited. I’ve always loved showing at MPH and the crowd. When they mentioned having the other person be from the West Coast and mentioned Philip I was definitely amped. I’ve always loved his work and felt it would be a great pairing. We both have a quirky sensibility to our work that I feel appeals to a wide audience.” – ChrisRWK

“I remember our first conversation about the show we had a few months back; I told [Chris] ‘I want to try something different’ and at the time I had no idea what that meant. Over the course of the next 3 months I continued to push myself to paint everyday looking for something new. I finally found what I was looking for, taking all my strengths and overcoming weaknesses I have created some of the best paintings I have ever done. These paintings tell the story of my transition to becoming more of a painter with a new focus on narrative.

This show serves as an introduction to a new style that is pretty much untested. I want to keep pushing myself and the work I create while still keeping the same message of peace, love and happiness.” – Philip Lumbang

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday August 8th 2015 7-10pm. Exhibition runs through Sept 6th 2015.

We will be giving away limited edition ChrisRWK x Philip Lumbang totebags to the first 25 attendees who ask for it. The rest will be available for purchase at the opening.

We will also be one of the featured exhibitions at this year’s LoMan Arts Festival in celebration of street and mural art. Learn more about it at

Metal and Fur
New work by Philip Lumbang and ChrisRWK

Opening Reception Saturday, August 8th 2015 7-10pm
Exhibition runs through Sept 6th 2015
toy store & gallery

210 Forsyth St.

New York NY 10002


Join the conversation and see sneak peeks of some of the pieces here –

Join our Preview List –

Awesome Bear Vinyl Figure

Sunday, August 11th, 2013


Philip Lumbang’s Awesome Bear has finally made it into a vinyl production figure and mph has it available for you to purchase! We’ve been longtime supporters of Philip’s work at mph, holding The New Adventures of Awesome Bear back in March, where we took a further look into the depths of this character’s world. Early on in his work as an artist, Philip’s bears were used to channel the noise, traffic and bad habits he found in LA, but over time, his bears shifted from rude to charming and served as a counter to the world’s problems. And we’ve all grown to love that bear’s charming smile.

It’s about time we saw this as a toy; Back in January of 2012, I posted about characters I wanted to see as production toys and Philip’s Awesome Bear ranked at the top! Produced by Dragatomi and sculpted by Walter “Chauskoskis” Jacott, this figure stands 6″ tall and features 2 points of articulation. Limited edition of 300 and available for $49.99 here. Ships the week of Aug. 12 (hey, that’s tomorrow!).

Want more on Philip? Click here to see inside of his studio space.

Hanna-Barbarians Sneak Peek: Philip Lumbang

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Philip Lumbang, who just completed his solo show at mph, entitled The New Adventures of Awesome Bear, will also be participating in our upcoming group show, Hanna-Barbarians. Phil has taken his Awesome Bear character and merged him with Yogi Bear in this piece “Park Life”. Click here for a look inside Philip’s studio.


Philip Lumbang’s OBEAR Print

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013


Philip Lumbang, whose first solo show, The New Adventures of Awesome Bear, is currently on view at mph, is releasing a new print, with the look of a familiar Giant’s propaganda-style poster. In addition to the print seen above, there will also be a run of 10 surprise hand-painted prints, each different from the other. The print will be released this Thursday, March 28, in a run of 33. Each giclée print is 18″ x 24″, signed and numbered and printed on Avon brilliant white paper.

Don’t forget to check out Philip’s work available at mph in store and online.

From the artist about the release:

A new propaganda campaign is upon us! Our panda friend is on a mission to open minds and free hearts. So rise up and break the chains of sad faces and high speed chases. The message is to unite through happy thoughts and blue skies. Happiness is the new black and being angry is whack, let us fight for the right to HUG LIFE.


Limited Release of 33 Prints (above)obear2Mystery Hand Painted Print, Limited to 10

The New Adventures of Awesome Bear Opening Recap

Monday, March 18th, 2013

This past Friday, March 15, we celebrated the opening of Philip Lumbang’s first solo show, The New Adventures of Awesome Bear at mph. The show allowed the public a glimpse into the world of Philip’s most recognizable character, Awesome Bear. Philip and his family traveled from the west coast to attend the opening, and as an added bonus, he painted our front facade. A huge thank you to Philip and to everyone who came out to the well-attended opening! The show will run until April 14 and artwork can also be purchased online. See more images from the night on our Flickr page.



lumbang3Philip’s handiwork on the outside of mph




lumbang12Awesome Goblin

lumbang11Awesome Bear in 3D

lumbang7The many faces of Awesome Bear


lumbang10The artist