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Skinner x Scott Tolleson Deadbeet

Thursday, February 28th, 2013



Scott Tolleson posted the above images, announcing a collaboration with the one and only art wizard, Skinner, on Scott’s Deadbeet figure. The figure comes out next Friday, so keep an eye out!

Not too familiar with this figure? Read up on it more here. And if you missed our posts on Skinner’s studio tour – you have to check it out!

Grimace Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

This Friday (Jan. 25), Scott Tolleson will be releasing his sofubi Deadbeet figure in a rich purple colorway, reminiscent of a familiar shade donned by a loveable, fast food-eating blob. The release of this figure may be my favorite colorway yet. Deadbeet is a break from Tolleson’s usual argyle-clad characters but that hasn’t discouraged his fans from snatching up the previous releases. Painted by Nebulon5, Grimace Deadbeet will be available at 10am Pacific here for $120 each. Limited to ten pieces, this one is going to go fast! Deadbeet hopefully has opened up Tolleson’s work to new fans and encouraged existing fans to take notice of this multi-talented artist! You can also check out Tolleson’s work in the Fonzo Loves NY show currently on display at mph.



Oh, and did you check out the packaging?! WHAAAAT?!

Scott Tolleson’s Custom Fonzo for Fonzo Love NY

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

We previewed Scott Tolleson’s custom Fonzo a few days ago and I admired the colors he’d chosen. Today we have the final result to show you. The colors appear a bit more blue than than in the preview image, which appeared teal, but I am still enjoying these blue tones mixed with the reds. This is one cute pup! See him and the other custom Fonzos this Friday at the opening of Fonzo Love NY from 6-9pm at mph.



Scott Tolleson’s Custom Fonzo

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Check out Scott Tolleson’s recent post to Instagram – his work in progress shot of a custom Fonzo for Freak Store x mph’s Fonzo Love NY. I am absolutely loving the teal tones mixed in with the red. Excellent color choices! To see this and other custom Fonzos, come to the opening on Friday, January 11 from 6-9pm at mph.


What’s Up with mph Artists

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

The middle of the week has me checking in with artists who either carry art toys with mph or have been involved in mph art exhibits. So, let’s have a look at what’s going on with a handful of MPH artists.

Rabid, Wild & Docile artist Ben Walker wrote an informative article on his blog about designing a booth space at cons, specifically using his experience at SDCC. With 6 years of con experience under his belt, Ben gives a humble but worthwhile look at planning and implementing a head-turning booth experience.

Scott Tolleson is featured in an article in Divulge magazine. Nice one, Scott!

Noferin give us a close look at Anna Chambers’ work for the Jibibuts Artist Series – coming soon to mph!

Leontine Greenberg is working on a fetus puppet! Whoa!

Rabid, Wild & Docile artist, Michael C. Hsiung has a cool new shirt design you probably want to buy. And by “you”, I mean “I”.

And certainly not least… mphlabs x Squibbles Ink x Shawnimals are releasing a new Pocket Pork Mini series! Looking good! What do you think?

Happy Thursday!