Colby Nelson’s Toy Collection

Today I am turning the blog over to a serious toy enthusiast and talented artist Colby Nelson aka Ghost Pyramid. His collection is quite extensive and very impressive! He talks about the inspiration he finds in toys and the artists who create them. Toys clearly are a big part of Colby’s life and have made a huge impact on him. We love to see that! Enjoy!



My name is Colby Nelson.  I reside in Fargo, North Dakota where the White Buffalos roam. I am currently an artist under the name of Ghost Pyramid and prior to that Colby Sunshine Art.

Ever since I was born I can remember being around cartoons and things that inspire me. The very first toy I ever received was from my aunt and it came in the shape of a Smurf. Ever since that very day at a mere age 2, I was hooked.  Peyo (creator of the Smurfs) controlled my mind for a long time and really showed me you can have different kinds of style infused into one brand of toy.  Whether it be a variant color or just an addition to the same make.  I was really blown away by that.  I knew from then on, I would collect until my body was laid six feet deep.  Even then I bet I would collect. 🙂

colby_Smurfs!  Peyo!

Having toys around me has really given me inspiration and hope. From the Gary Baseman to the Tara McPherson.  Not only those two have played a pivotal role in my life, but a mass populous of the urban art scene of artists have taken my mind out to the circus and then back again. Having them encased in a figure lets me set them around me and be in awe about how amazing art can be. It’s so hard to just choose one. I really like how the urban art field is moving and I am really honored to be in the same light as them. Whether it is collecting or creating.



Like my mother would tell me, “You are compulsive!”.  By golly,  I believe she is right.  I can not just have one figure. I have to have them ALL!  And as I move along my battalion of toys is growing at a mad, daunting rate.  It makes me happy!  They keep me young and actually, they keep my responsible to keep them in mint condition and also, it they give me a good reason to dust! 🙂

I would like to give a lot of shout outs here. If I miss anyone, don’t be offended there are just so many people that inspire me always:

My Mother for always telling me that being different is a gift.

colby_Toys VII

Tara McPherson  for always creating awesome creatures and band posters that have infused me with not only imagination and intrigue but with a sense of marketing.

Gary Baseman for just being Gary.  He is an inspiration to just watch think and do the things he does.   From his color palette to Toby and all his adventures.

colby_Travis Lampe Tear Drips

Travis Lampe for instilling that mystique into my world at alarming rate daily

Ricki Nerreter  for being the person who has taught me composition and poise within my own art. She is such a beautiful person to be around.

Seb Niark  for leading me on to the symmetrical world of art and all the good things that come alone with colors.

Junko Mizuno, Travis Louie, Nathan Jurevicius, Joe Ledbetter, Jon Burgerman, Jason Limon, Giant Robot, KidRobot, Color Ink Book and the Washburn Brothers, Munky King, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Brandi Milne, Ray Caesar, Peyo, Banksy, and everyone else who creates mystery and inspires me forever and a day.

Thanks to Team Sweet and myplasticheart for always supplying the art community with a way to access artwork and imagination.  I am thankful that there is a place where we can do such a thing, being nerds and being happy about it.



“Without toys in my life I would be lost and half the man I am today.”

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