Toy Collection at Boston’s Lot F Gallery

Last weekend I took a trip to Boston to check out the Natural Process a show by Josh Falk and MRNVR at Lot F Gallery in downtown Boston. While there, I discovered the owners’ toy collection. The figures are mainly customs, including the work of Todd Robertson, and much of it is a testament to the quality of Monster Kolor paints. Enjoy these images and check out Lot F next time you’re in Boston. Thanks to Evoker for the images.

Mecha Ammonaito by Todd Robertson
Resin Sculpt painted with Monster Kolor paint

Custom Mecha Kittyfire by Todd Robertson

Secret Base Space Barbarian painted by Todd Robertson using Monster Kolor paints and 1 Shot

Custom Marka27 Mecha Mini God by Todd Robertson

Gargamel Mini Hedoran painted by Mark Bentley

Roguish Bot #2 by William Long- Hand poured resin sculpt, 3 points of articulation, with earth magnet joints – painted with Monster Kolor paints

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