Toy Collection: Don of Invisible Creature

I’ve been a big fan of Invisible Creature’s work for the last year or so. You’ll be familiar with their Leroy C. figure, produced by Super 7. At NYC Comic Con last year, mph had an exclusive custom Leroy C ‘Toxic’ by Brent Nolasco, which was a big hit. Invisible Creature are well-established beyond the art toy world as well, with the brotherly duo having created phenomenal designs and illustrations for big name companies through to burgeoning music festivals. But we are here to talk toys today in a major way, so without further ado, we’re excited to bring you the impressive and diverse toy collection of Don Clark, half of Invisible Creature! Enjoy!

About the collection, according to Don:

“When collecting figures, It all comes down to the specific character. I love the classics (That’s why they’re classics), but normally I don’t care who created it or where it’s from – it just needs to have that special trait (or set of traits) that make it a great character. The eyes, the body proportion, the jawline, the colors, the blemishes, the cracks … each little detail is important. And knowing they’ve been stuffed in someone’s attic for years is part of the fun. My son and I love to hit toy shows and estate sales around town to scavenge for these forgotten gems.

I’m also a fan of the mid-2000’s figures by Jarvis, Fowler, Biskup and Baseman … those 4 guys reinvigorated my love for collecting. I’ve always loved what Super7 was doing (they also make our toys!) and of course anything classic Disney/Pixar. The Incredibles is one of my all-time favorite films. The list goes on and on …

The key for me is making it A) fun and B) affordable. So far, so good.”

We have so many great images of Don’s collection, that we’re splitting this post into two parts! Check back tomorrow for part 2!


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