Toy Collection: Kevin Turner

I’ve had the pleasure of running into toy collector and art enthusiast, Kevin Turner aka Turnone, all over the country. Whether it was at a Kidrobot store, a comicon or a gallery show, his smiling face was always popping up. His voraciousness for collecting art toys has led him to having a very impressive collection that I wanted to share with you. According to Kevin, he has a lot of favorites in his collection, but Teddy Troopers are his favorites and he recently has been focusing in on a 3″ Teddy Trooper collection. I really love the way he has chosen to focus on collecting specific artists. I love the setup as well – very minimalist and gives the toys center stage. Not only does he have great taste, but he’s talented too – Kevin just helped to create Jon Paul Kaiser’s new sleek looking website!


A custom that Flying Fortress did for Kevin at the opening of Rabid, Wild & Docile

A big thank you to Kevin for providing all of the images you see above! To see more of Kevin’s collection, check out his Flickr page.

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